Eric Eckhart



"All sorts of gorgeous.... a considerable songwriting and vocal talent... Eric the king" - Hot Press magazine

"A classic songwriter" - Die Tageszeitung

"Beautiful... with a rare honesty... a virtue in today's time...musical revelations that give your aura a warm hug" - Oh Fancy

"One to watch out for" - Irish Times

"Fits beautifully between singer-songwriter and sunny rock swinging sound... rousing" - Alles Ist Pop

"Excellent collection of songs... spectacular... 11 out of 12 stars" - 2 U I Bestow Music Blog

"Epic, powerful" - Westzeit

"Simply rich songs... composed together beautifully" - OPAK

"This Is Where It Starts" is above all an honest, authentic album" - Music Scan Germany

"So much optimism, hope and insolent youth...a very successful, energetic, mature interpretation of the category "Singer-Songwriter" - Shitesite

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"Fado" - Lyrics

Days go, fire low, forgetting the way home
Waiting on the moon glow
Stars show, love leaves, all alone
Everybody knows

When all you want and all I want
It’s all dividing me
The tangled voices tearing free

Deep space beyond me, inside me, beside me
Learning how to let go
Fado, love screams, scared ghost
Waiting on the moon

When all you want and all I want
It’s all dividing me

I’m shaking out, I’m finding how, I’m breaking now. I’m near the void.

Fado, Fado, Fado

Death knows, lost hope
Rescue, take hold
Sing it in the last note, safe home
The wild beast, laid low

The light