Eric Eckhart's new album "Luminous" available now!

The Defiant Story of the Blooming of Luminous

Eric Eckhart is a Berlin-based, American via Ireland independent alt/folk/indie pop singer-songwriter.

“The songs that make up ‘Luminous’ were written in the time between the home birth of my second child and the death of my parents not long after and reflect the extremes of life and death, darkness and light, love, hate and forgiveness, peace and war – all of which are part of our ever more polarised world we live in today.”

“For the first time, I took full artistic control by playing most of the instruments myself as well as recording alone, often in one take in that magical moment when the song was just written and played through for the first time in all its rawness and wonder.”

“I set myself a goal for ‘Luminous’ – to create the space to allow myself to channel the purest, truest songs that I possibly can with no filter or need to please anyone but my artistic self. I am deeply proud of these 11 songs and now they belong to you.”

“My greatest thanks and appreciation to my family for their love and support.” by Eric Eckhart


releases May 22, 2019

All instruments and vocals by Eric Eckhart*.
All songs written by Eric Eckhart except “When I Was A Girl” written by Eric Eckhart and Finn Eckhart Okamura (age 2).
Recorded, engineered, mixed and produced by Eric Eckhart**.
Recorded at Keller4 Tonstudio in Berlin, Germany.
Mastered by Rocco Weise.
**Naked – recorded, engineered, mixed and produced by Nina Hynes.
Released by A Headful of Bees  – Independent artist label


“Gifted troubadour… a considerable songwriting and vocal talent… 
Eric the king” – Hot Press magazine
“A classic songwriter” – Die Tageszeitung
“One to watch out for” – Irish Times
“Beautiful… with a rare honesty… a virtue in today’s time…musical revelations that give your aura a warm hug” – Oh Fancy
“Epic, powerful” – Westzeit
“Above all, honest and authentic” – Music Scan Germany
“So much optimism, hope and insolent youth…a very successful, energetic, mature interpretation of the category “Singer-Songwriter” – Shitesite
“Simply rich songs… composed together beautifully” – OPAK


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Eric Eckhart never took the conventional path.

The Berlin/Ireland based artist began his formative musical years heading a New Wave/Rock band in his working-class West Virginia hometown before an early mid-life crisis saw Eric leave his job, family and all his possessions and move to Ireland to start completely anew. The results were immediate.

His 2006 Irish debut album, ‘Lost and Found’ won the hearts of critics and fans alike which led to appearances on radio, TV and numerous tours and playing support for Broken Social Scene, Fionn Regan, Ocean Colour Scene and many others.

Once again searching for new horizons, Eric picked up sticks and moved to Berlin in 2008 to begin work on his critically acclaimed follow up album, ‘This is where it starts’. Eric and his band successfully toured across Germany and Austria receiving radio airplay and making numerous live radio performances.

Exploring models of how to work as an independent musician, Eric organized a pioneering project in 2012 that brought 100 independent artists together for one week to record, mix, design, promote, film and release his third album ‘Do-It-Together’ in a public space, in front of a live audience and live streamed and all without spending any money.

Fatherhood gave Eric time to slow down and focus on writing about his experiences as an independent artist and doing workshops and talks on the art of songwriting and how to help create your own alternative music industry at Berlin Music Week.

2017 saw Eric’s formal return to recording, this time working alone in a former WWII bunker turned recording studio in the heart of Berlin. Playing all the instruments, engineering, mixing and producing gave Eric a chance to truly come into his own as a songwriter and artist.

The result is Eric’s stunning new album, ‘Luminous’ released in 2019.

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